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"चले तो पाँव के नीचे कुचल गई कोई शय,
नशे की झोंक में देखा नहीं कि दुनिया है"


We all admire Indian Handicraft & traditional jewellery. We fall in love with them in the first glance, the intricate work, the radiant colours, the exclusivity, all in all its magnificent beauty. Yet, when it’s time to get ready for an occasion you are out of options despite abundance of jewellery in your collection. Somehow, in that plethora of ornaments you are not able to find a perfect match for yourself. We believe the reservation is, it does not express your mood, or that shade of your personality that you want to show. What is the point of an ornament being beautiful if it does not express you. The truth is, you look beautiful when you are YOU. When your attire spreads the exact same vibe that you are feeling.

We at Panigh – Tradition in You, focus on two aspects of your lifestyle, Tradition and You.  

We are a dedicated team of people whose primary aim is to help you express yourself the traditional way. We bring designs that express your every mood and emotion.

We are here to help you be yourself. So write to us on info@panigh.com about your expression statement and we will make a custom product just for you.


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