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Terracotta Jewellery Set

Terracotta is hard red ceramic. It is utilized to allude to things made out of this material and to its regular, caramel orange tone. It is utilized for making terracotta crafted works and pots and these days jewellery and so on. They are accessible in excellent shading mixes.

Today the terracotta jewellery makes extraordinary dressing style when worn with the boho, indie or ethnic wear. In the country and ancestral social orders the terracotta trimmings like pieces of jewellery, terracotta sets, arm bands, pendants, and chokers were normally worn. They make exquisite and rural allure. They can take up different earthen shades of pink, red, green, indigo, rust or dim. The conventional shapes can be creatures or the ancestral divine beings or a more contemporary look can be given by utilizing unique shapes and plans.

Panigh is the only terracotta jewellery enterprise which combines the art and design of all the various states of India with a blend of boho & indie styles to create exclusive designs of for all ages to wear.

We have created over 20 unique handmade terracotta set designs. We take inspiration from nature and have made unique terracotta set designs. Once we have set the shape of the necklace & earrings, we can move to the part where it is handpainted. We make designs that resonate with women of India and their innermost desire to stand strong and establish their identity wherever they go.

In order to make our terracotta earrings stronger and shinier. We apply a coat of epoxy resin on either the front side or the back side of the item. It makes the earring more durable and preserves the colour for a long period of time.

Terracotta sets can be worn with cotton & silk sarees, ethnic suits. We’ve also made designs that can go well with casual & boho wear. The terracotta set designs are light weight and just big enough to leave an impression.

The love & admiration one develops towards handmade jewellery will always be priceless & timeless. Recognizing the importance of terracotta and its increasing modern day usage by the growing population, women all over the world have begun to take notice of this versatile form of art jewelry. We aspire to make handmade terracotta jewellery more popular & accepted for all occasions, for all ages & through all cultures.


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