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Beautiful Swan Earring

₹ 599.00

Elephant Hand-Crafted Terracotta Earring

₹ 499.00

Beautiful Round Terracotta With Jhumki

₹ 549.00

Midnight Blue Terracotta Earring Embelllished With Blue Stone Beads

₹ 449.00

Beautiful Hand-Crafted Terracotta Earring

₹ 549.00

Hand-painted Fabric Earrings with Jhumki

₹ 449.00

Beautiful Round Ghungroo Earring

₹ 349.00

Elegant Meenakari Earring

₹ 349.00

Black-Grey Dangling Hand-Crafted Terracotta Earring with Epoxy

₹ 399.00

Traditional Handmade Earrings

India is country of many different traditions, cultures & attires. One thing that is consistent from the north to the south and from the east to the west of India is our women’s love for jewellery.

Most of the women in India wear earrings and it’s a very important of their daily attire. Different designs of earrings represent different shades of personality, occasion, and mood.

Handmade earrings are intrinsic and ancient form of Indian jewellery. Now handmade earrings are rapidly being accept by the young girls & women. There are numerous brand in the handmade jewellery industry with their unique style and taste more & more girls are developing interest in handmade Indian jewellery.

Moreover, with the emergence of e-commerce and online shopping industry, it has made possible for small artisans to take their craft online and show it to the world. Many fashion jewellery brands have taken to the online world serve women with their desired jewellery.

The way to realizing how to pick earrings is to locate the ones that suit your face. Since earrings are a phenomenal method to improve your appearance or to finish an outfit you should recall that they should be consistent and add balance & shape to your face.

In any case, it isn't as straightforward as that, since earrings should be selected thoughtfully. Any lady should realize that a couple of earrings must be selected after relying upon her outfit and her highlights. The occasion you are going to is another significant factor while picking a couple of earring. Different variables are the shape of your face, the tones in your outfit, the shading and length of your hair, the length of your neck, just as the size and shape of your ears.

Panigh has a variety of handmade jewellery for women. We have over 200 designs for every occasion, age & mood. Earrings for women are more than fashion statement, it should represent that shade of their personality which they want to highlight to the world.


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