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Beautiful Fabric Earring Embellished With Pearls

₹ 499.00

Hand-painted Fabric Earrings with Jhumki

₹ 449.00

Tie-Dye Fabric Earring Embellished with Coins

₹ 449.00

Tie-Dye Fabric Earring Embellished with Tassel & Coins

₹ 399.00

Vibrant Fabric Earring Embellished with Tassel & Coins

₹ 399.00

Yellow Fabric Earring with Jhumki

₹ 399.00

Black Fabric Earring with jhumki

₹ 399.00

Royal Fabric Earring

₹ 399.00

Vibrant Red-Blue Fabric Earring with Jhumki

₹ 499.00

Fabric Earrings

When we compare mass-manufactured jewellery to handcrafted fabric jewellery, the latter includes significantly more with culture, mankind and history. Most handmade jewellery has a specific ethnic style. Or then again I should state, most culture has their own remarkable handcrafted ancestral jewellery. The flawlessly handcrafted blossoms look so genuine and too lovely to even consider wearing.

Fabric jewellery has seen resurgence in India in this decade. We can see variety of handmade fabric jewellery in the market as well as in the online space. These handmade jewellery has a certain quality to them that separates them from rest of the jewellery. It stands out & speaks for itself.

Women who wear fabric earrings automatically stands out in the crowd and are perceived to have style statement different from the masses. Though fabric earrings are not very costly but the value it provides to the customer is something that money can’t buy.

Panigh offers unique handmade fabric earrings & necklaces to our audience. We have hand-painted fabric earrings embellished with brass coins, meenakari german silver jhumkas, charms, pearls & beads. We have introduced the most loved tie-dye fabric designs into our earrings as well.

Fabric earrings can be styled with ethnic attire, casual wear, college wear and with exceptions it can worn in offices as well. They can paired with normal T-shirt, crop top, suit, or cotton sarees.

Price for handmade jewellery varies a lot. The cost for fabric jewellery depends upon the material, craftsmanship, embellishments and once in a while marks. The main thing to recollect when looking for carefully handmade jewellery is that you are searching for uniqueness. It doesn't need to costly or made of valuable material. The style gets you and others eyes. Additionally, while the web made it simple for us to shop at home, it likewise gives intends to us to think about styles and costs, just as looking for best arrangements, for example, free transportation, at a bargain and coupons.


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